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Welcome to Strattoos.com – The only source for high-quality, non-adhesive guitar tattoos.  Our professional designs are sure to turn heads and transform your guitar from plain and ordinary to unique and interesting. So whether you’re a veteran guitar-junkie or you’ve just bought your first axe, transform your guitar into a one-of-a-kind work of art today with Strattoos™! 




Strattoos™ Guitar Tattoos will transform your guitar instantly and create a look that will no-doubt be mistaken for a professional custom paint job!  Our artist pay great attention to detail and create guitar tattoos that interact with your guitar making it come alive with depth and color.



Unlike other applications such as guitar wraps or guitar skins, Strattoos™ does not use adhesives that can harm your guitar and leave behind sticky residue.  Our guitar tattoos are 100% non-adhesive and completely safe for your guitars finish.  



You will not find an easier-to-apply guitar application anywhere on the market.  What you will find are wraps and skins that cover the entire guitar and require you to remove your guitar strings and pick guard to apply...a daunting task to say the least.  You can apply Strattoos™ Guitar Tattoos in a matter of seconds!



The only thing that tops a guitar tattoo that’s easy to apply is a guitar tattoo that easy to remove!  Say goodbye to permanent stickers forever!  Our guitar tattoos can be taken off and re-applied effortlessly!  It’s that easy. 

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