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Strattoos™ guitar tattoos are completely non-adhesive and removable.   In other words, they will not harm the finish of your guitar in any way, shape or form.  We use a special, commercial vinyl that can be applied and removed from your guitar as many times as you’d like with absolutely no stick or residue and with very little effort. 

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Full Moon™


Full Moon™ With nails and teeth like this, the word “shredding” takes on a whole new meaning! Stretching out over your guitar strings and just behind the bridge, this Strattoos™ guitar tattoo covers a lot of ground both vertically and horizontally! So

Side Pocket™


Side Pocket™ You won't have to worry about a scratch with this classic skull and crossbones tattoo. Like most Strattoos™ Guitar Tattoos, Side Pocket™ looks cool on any color or style electric or acoustic guitar. It also looks great with a pearl pick gu

Heavy Metal™


Heavy Metal™ Don’t worry, this one won’t add any extra weight to your guitar –we promise! In fact, once you slap this Strattoos™ guitar tattoo on, everyone else will want to hold your guitar making your load much lighter! Inspired by Mr. Roboto and 80’



Embrace™ So why is it that we guitar players have all the color down at our feet? You know, the blue Fulltone Full Drive 2 pedal, the orange Boss DS-1 distortion pedal, the green Line 6 delay pedal, the red Modtone MT-PH Atomic Phaser. We thought it’d b



Novacane™ There's only one thing you have to do when you visit the dentist...open your mouth! Well that's exactly what people will do when they see Novacane™. This jaw-dropping tattoo is a bit unusual but we like it! Just watch the expression on people'

Atomic Mind™


Erupting in a concert of color and flair, we bring to you the Atomic Mind™. This Strattoos™ Guitar Tattoo fits nicely on any guitar whether acoustic or electric and has many positioning options. Have it riding high on the top left side of your guitar or



Puzzled™ Give your guitar a total makeover with this Strattoos™ favorite. Puzzled™ delivers a fresh, captivating look to your electric or acoustic guitar. It doesn't matter what color guitar you have, electric or acoustic, this guitar tattoo looks pheno



Facelift™ Next time you bust-out that hair-raising guitar solo, don’t just please the ears; please the eyes too with Facelift™. We’re still not sure what this thing is; a little bit bizarre, a little bit weird, but a lot bit cool! So while your melting



Dragonoid™ Goodbye Puff, hello Dragonoid! This Strattoos Guitar Tattoo hovers over your guitar strings while you hover over your guitar. In flight with plenty of color and detail, this unique creation will breath new life into your guitar as soon as yo



Midnight™ Let's face it, there's just something so cool about dead trees. So we decided to make Midnight™. An artistic masterpiece?...we think so! If you have a blue, white or black guitar and like this design, you'll want to add this to your cart. T

Stereo Skull™


Stereo Skull™ Little did you know that somewhere lurking beneath your pickups, deep within the body of your guitar awaits the Stereo Skull™. Harnessing its power from high-gain circuitry, this Stratoos™ guitar tattoo rips through any guitar with ease, d



Legion™ If you're into creepy -this Strattoos™ Guitar Tattoo is for you. Inspired by a story in the New Testament Legion reminds us of the reality of evil in the world. This haunting yet highly artistic guitar tattoo puts a spin on the old "hear no evi

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